Taking Stock

If you heard “get motivated” and “your life’s over” in the same sentence that might sound like a contradiction, but it’s really not. As it’s often said, no one gets out of this world alive. The personal impact we have on the people around us is all we leave behind.

When people are celebrating and speaking about you when you move on from this world what do you want them to say? And is how you’re living your life each day right now in alignment with that? Today, let’s explore how to maximize your impact in everything that you do.

What Do I Want People to Say About me?

From my kids,

“a supportive loving father who was positive and made me laugh and gave me confidence about what I bring to the world”

From my wife,

“a loving husband and a partner who made me laugh and encouraged me to not let the little things stress me out”

From my other family members, friends and work partners

“someone who was always willing to look at his flaws as opportunities to improve and a guy who made me want to be the best person I could be”.

That’s what I want people to say when my time is up, how about you? Let me be clear, it gives me anxiety to talk about this because I don’t want to die. But we’re all going to and if you don’t talk about it because of the discomfort of the subject then you’re caving into fear. Don’t do that.

To maximize your personal impact, here are three things to consider:

  1. Get out of autopilot. For some people this is meditation, reflective silence, telling your loved ones every morning how much they mean to you, or telling people who really annoy you to get away from you and leave you alone. I’m just kidding, really I’m just kidding. Whatever your triggers are, you have to remember to stay aware and, as my friend Katie Shannon says, every day is non-refundable. Use whatever works for you to be present and consistently get the most out of each day.
  2. Appreciate and love yourself. This can be a polarizing statement because what often gets misconstrued is people think that loving yourself equates to obsessive self-absorption. that is false bravado showing up in a package of insecurity and fragile egos. Look, we all struggle and we’re all a bit broken and that’s why appreciating and loving yourself is so important. So when I say appreciate and love yourself, absolutely live with humility, but also give yourself credit for the positive efforts you do make to be a good person and that starts with being a good person to
  3. Invest in relationships. If this were the very last week of your life, what relationships would you invest in most and what would the people you choose say about you? And this leads us right back to the beginning. Is the impact that you really want to have in your life reflected in how you live each day? Remember, we have a limited number of ticks on the clock, make the most of each one.

I hope you adopt these practices and they help keep things in perspective. Thanks for reading and if you liked the video, please subscribe on YouTube and smash that like button and if you haven’t already think about signing up to the mailing list so you can get new posts delivered to your inbox.

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